MY SWEET HONEY BUNNY by Sonic Dragolgo

Artist: Sonic Dragolgo (Kozaburo Narita)
Genre: Speedcore, Hardcore, Gabber
Year: 1999
Country: Japan
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All my album reviews so far on this site have been rather recent ones, as in they literally came out this year, so I wanted to have a blast to the past with a fairly obscure gabber album from the late 90s called MY SWEET HONEY BUNNY. Produced by a fairly unknown Japanese artist called Sonic Dragolgo, this album would go relatively unnoticed since it’s initial release until it was discovered in western music circles a few years back and became an instant hit, with people loving it’s insane beats and speed. With this new found popularity it would soon get a rerelease in 2021 and 2022 through Retrac Recordings, myself being lucky enough to cop this gem on CD. This album may not appeal to everyone due to how intense and experimental it is but if you can keep an open mind then you’ll come to find it’s an underrated classic in the 90s gabber scene.

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Album Review
Two of the other genres associated with this album are speedcore and hardcore, and the album definitely warrants these affiliations as this album is without a doubt fast and intense. Each song is nonstop chaos with mad distortion and tempo throughout, a massive bit of irony considering the album’s innocent enough looking album cover. This album does mix this perceived innocence into some of the songs however, a great example of this being BAMBI which starts with a snippet from presumably a Japanese dub of Disney’s Bambi before descending into the insanity the album is known for, and this has to be one of the best tracks in the album honestly as the build up to the main feature is awesome, utilizing guitar riffs and a somewhat melancholic melody to really set the vibe for what’s ahead. Other songs such as MEXICO and PONK get straight to the action and are really fun tunes while ones like MIFFY and PUN PUN VILLAGE take a complete different direction from rest of album entirely, being enjoyable yet very bizarre in presentation. The crown piece to this album however has to be it’s namesake which is the song MY SWEET HONEY BUNNY, this song and it’s insane bass mixed the cutesy lyrics is a combination you wouldn’t think would work but it does, very well in fact, and I still come back to this album now and then for this song alone as it’s an experience each time it’s occasionally listened to as there isn’t really any other song like it. My only main criticizm of this album is three of the songs (GROOVE, TECHNIQUE and ERIOT TERRORIST) feel like filler and you’re left wishing they were more fleshed out songs than the 30 second or so snippets they are. Other than that, I can’t say much wrong about this album other than that it may not appeal to everyone due to the nature of it’s tracks.

MY SWEET HONEY BUNNY by Sonic Dragolgo is a *very* unique but great album in my personal opinion. It’s not something you could listen to all the time or with your mates but now and then it’s a great to go through. It’s songs are all over the place, it’s bass is unforgiving, and it holds a lot of merit for overall creativity with how out there it is; I’d definitely say it’s worth your time but you’ll need a unique musical taste pallet to truly appreciate this album as it’s definitely something else.


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