The 2024 Black Swan Event


Shit is about to get real…

This thread is going to be rather grim and not the most optimistic one on this forum, but I’ve been wanting to make it and this feels like the best time to do so. In short, I feel 2024 is going to be another 2020 scenario where everything is going to be flipped on its head and things will change forever. I don’t believe it will be a virus and stealing an election level of seriousness however (though the two former are still pretty bad) but even worse than that. I will present my evidence below and you lot can make your minds up for yourselves with what I bring up.

Ukraine & Israel Wars (And those to come…)

Whoever said WW3 started in 2022 with the war in Ukraine they probably weren’t wrong, like how some say WW2 started in 1937 when Japan started invading neighboring China, as currently we are seeing conflicts popping up right and left center with no signs of stopping, the main being the current Ukrainian and Israeli wars that have already brought the deaths of many and many unsure how exactly both conflicts will resolve. One thing is for certain however and that is the ramifications of both wars, especially when they conclude, will have an aftermath that will difficult to resolve, especially in years to come. For an example Ukraine has pretty much lost a massive chunk of its male population and their women have fled to neighboring nations most likely never to return which might culturally and ethnically destroy what the nation was, whilst in Israel they have essentially nuked their PR image to the young generation for the years to come with their blatant genocide of the Gaza Strip, essentially becoming the new South Africa and hated in both Left Wing and Right WIng circles; with what’s going on no one is really winning and except a few new pieces of land obtained for the winners, the nations that are currently fighting for damaging themselves massively for years to come and especially if Ukraine collapses or Israel comes under serious threat from non-western powers, both which have massive possibilities of happening soon, more and more countries will be dragged into this.

We are also seeing the potential for war in, for an example, Guyana where they have discovered valuable oil and mineral deposits in it’s southern region which a bankrupt Venezuela would very much like and could potentially go for if they can get away with it. All in all, tensions are rising worldwide and are going to contribute to the devastation we will see soon.

Migrant Crisis

God forbid the GDP go down!

Another major issue we are facing, especially in the West, is the massive net migration numbers we are seeing into our nations. Borders essentially do not exist anymore and majority of western nation are being flooded with thousands of people year by year, by land, sky or sea, and the citizenship being given out like lollipops. No one was asked about this, since 2022 it’s gotten even worse, and in some western nations if you throw up enough of a stink about it you might even get the police around your door, for the crime of being concerned about the sheer amount of people coming in and the issues that will bring in your local area and on your public services. The numbers we are seeing, especially with the amount of people coming that have values quite incompatible with our own, is no doubt going to bring loads of issues that I don’t feel people have a great grasp of until it gets *really* bad. It’s not going to be a great situation for anyone and with the coming Black Swan it will be made even worse.

An example of some the unrest that’s been taking place within Europe.

Cost of Living & The Collapse of Living Standards

Essential viewing for what I’m going to talk about next

It’s a crazy thought that for MOST of the human history that if a man worked and provided for his family he would have enough for food and to keep a roof over his and his families heads. In 2023 that’s not only a fantasy but a sick delirium as you can’t even get that with your wife and children working, that’s how bad it’s getting. A boomer will whine “Oh the youth do not work hard enough” when his house only cost $60k and his job paid 10x more than yours ever will (for an example I saw a video once where a postal worker brought up evidence that a new postman got 5x more in the 1970s than a modern day postie will ever get even working 10 years! If I find it I will hyperlink it later at some point) Gen Z aren’t getting lazy, they are just seeing no point in working for a system that can barely support their everyday needs even working 40 hours a week with little free time to spare. Not only that but you’re seeing the rise of incels, sexless men who even if they *do* work hard are very unlikely to even get a wife let alone intimacy, a huge generation of young men that these boomers expect to maintain the roads, power grids, advanced technological systems, etc, with the chance of owning a house and getting a wife being very slim, and as someone who isn’t an incel this concerns me and it should concern you too as throughout history sexless men has done NO civilisation favours, why would you want a generation of sexually frustarted men with nothing to lose left to rot and left to their own devices? This will create a suicide crisis like none other, especially as these men hit their 30s and 40s, and no doubt crime will spike from this too because yeah when there’s no reward at the end unfortunately these men will be more prediposed to commit crimes as prison doesn’t seem too bad of a punishment when their life is shit anyways.

Make no mistake, the slow decrease of your living standards is coming quicker than you anticipate and incidents such as below are going to become more and more common as the right men aren’t trained up to maintain the systems that help modern society function as the ones who could potentially do it are either brushed to the side or see no reason to contribute. Once the boomer generation and Gen X crowd retire and die off, we will have such a labour shortage in certain areas that will send a shockwave worldwide as we lose luxuries we have had become so accustomed too, all because our governments and businesses cared more about their profits than the well-being of their own people…

Billionaires Know What’s Coming

This is a video I watched today which kinda prompted me to make this thread as holy shit I had little knowledge on this but essentially a lot of the billionaires you know and love, espeically quite recently, have been creating bunkers, particularly on far off islands, in some sort of preperation for an undisclosed event to come. If the most powerful are making bunkers far away from civilisation then something is in the air and you should be concerned as these are the guys with insider knowledge and if they feel the need to hide underground, you, the average joe, should be on alert for what’s to come as it’s not looking pretty at all, and while unfortunately you won’t be able to escape it as well as they will be able to, you at the very least should be making preperations for the worst to come, whatever that may be.

The Black Swan & The 2024 Election

If anything does majorly go down soon I can assure you it will be around the time of the 2024 election, which’s aftermath will something not to look forward to. Already we know the elites REALLY do not want Trump getting back in, banning him from the ballots and the alike, as I spoke about in this thread ( and the general civil unrest that’s going to come from this election season I doubt is going to be pretty. Some are saying Biden is going to drop out due to health issues while others are claiming Trump actually has the chance to be assassinated; whatever happens keep an eye out and be prepared for around this election season as that’s when I feel the embers will start burning, and from that I couldn’t tell you what’s going to happen next, but I doubt it’s going to be pretty.


I’ve wrote a lot here and got to get on with my day now but I hope you fellas take in what’s been written here as I don’t think I’ve been more concerned with a year and what’s to come since COVID times, I really do think something is over the horizon and want my users to be on alert, and safe if anything does happen as it’s a scary world out there and it’s sadly going to just become scarier. Thanks for hearing me out and any opinions or feedback please drop below as I’d love to discuss this subject with you lot as it is very interesting to talk about. Anyways, see you lot later, thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

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