War is le good?

21 January 2024 marianabay.com 0

I’m aware this is probably a pretty bizarre discussion to have on a forum completely unrelated to psychology/philosophy but its a pet topic I like […]

The Kaizo Manifesto – Kaizo Slumber

13 August 2023 marianabay.com 0

The Kaizo Manifesto​ Artist: Kaizo SlumberGenre: Hardcore, Gabber, IDMYear: 2022Country: United KingdomArtist’s links: https://web.kaizoslumber.xyz/ , https://twitter.com/kaizoslumber , https://www.instagram.com/kaizoslumber/ , https://soundcloud.com/kaizoslumber, https://music.kaizoslumber.xyz/album/the-kaizo-manifesto Album Link(s) https://music.kaizoslumber.xyz/album/the-kaizo-manifesto IntroductionThe redebut album of Libyan-German artist of Kaizo Slumber, formely known as Acetantina […]

MY SWEET HONEY BUNNY by Sonic Dragolgo

13 August 2023 marianabay.com 0

Artist: Sonic Dragolgo (Kozaburo Narita)Genre: Speedcore, Hardcore, GabberYear: 1999Country: JapanArtist’s socials: https://myspace.com/sonicdragolgouk Album Link(s): https://retracrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/my-sweet-honey-bunny?from=embed IntroductionAll my album reviews so far on this site have been rather recent ones, as […]

Jungle Fatigue Vol. 2 by Jungle Fatigue Kru

13 August 2023 marianabay.com 0

Jungle Fatigue Vol. 2By Jungle Fatigue KruReview Links: https://sawteeth.bandcamp.com/album/jungle-fatigue-vol-2?from=embed https://sawteeth.neocities.org/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfHn7L0-3u6xzK7fJKq6YRQ https://www.instagram.com/s4wt33th/ IntroductionHello, and welcome back to another album review. Here’s a gem I found […]

Weekend Rush by 3 Peace Sweets

13 August 2023 marianabay.com 0

WEEKEND RUSHBy 3PeaceSweetzReview Links: https://mypetflamingo.bandcamp.com/album/weekend-rush?from=embed https://twitter.com/3PeaceSweetz IntroLong before the days of online streaming and niche music forums, underground music genres such as Drum & Bass […]