Reoccurring Themes in Mythology, Religion, Folklore & Archaeology Worldwide & What This Can Tell Us About The Past

What I’m about to propose in this Esoteric article is going to be an especially spicy hot take, which isn’t rare for this forum. But basically I’m a believer world religion and mythology are strong reflections of the world of the past, though not through literal lens, but give a good picture of what people may have saw and experienced back then. Though many parts of these old tales have questionable validity, what is interesting is how much certain beings or world events show up in cultures worldwide which have historically been distant for thousands of years. For these themes to show up so often is no coincidence and I’d dare argue there is validity to certain creatures and occurrences actually happening. Today in this article I’ll give three examples of exactly that and I’d love to hear more that you readers may know about.

The Great Deluge/Flood Myth

I have no doubt of the Great Deluge happening at some point in world history. The event is recorded in Christianity (Genesis), Judaism, Islam (Nuh), Zoroastrianism, and Hinduism (manvantara-sandhya), and recorded in the mythologies of the Chinese (Gun-Yu), Greek (Deucalion and Pyrrha), Irish (Cessair, though this one is debated due to mentioning having Christian meddling involved). Moreover, it’s also mentioned in the lore of Native Americans, Polynesians, Aboriginal, Africans, and Mayan peoples. If a big massive flood that encapsulated the world didn’t happen early in human history then why do so many ancient cultures recorded it happening and why do modern historians deny it or not acknowledge it happening? Simple, they can’t as there is forces at play that deny it and reject any evidence towards it, reason why is unknown but this could be potentially due to the fact this event could explain the sinking of cities such as Atlantis and other Old World monuments that our Elites rather the general populace not know the location of. What hides under the waves where these previously inhabited civilizations now lie then? Ancient knowledge, technology, unknown intelligent creatures? We may never know.


Giant reptiles are a regular entity that shows up in cultures all over the globe. To the vicious and demonic reptiles of Europe and Arabia to the kind and gentle ones of China, these creatures vary in nature and are highly prevalent throughout. They are a neutral entity and their behavior differs on where you go, yet what happened to them and where they originate is quite debated. Some say they were created by humans from our instinctive fear of snakes while others argue that they were believed to be the reactions of our ancestors coming across dinosaur fossils, believing they were deceased giant lizards. But I propose another theory: were dragons/serpents actually endangered megafauna? Everyone knows our early human history collided with the fall of the Megafauna and could a lot of stories about dragons and serpents be about our ancestors encounters with them? And do we have proof of reptile megafauna actually existing during early human history? We do. Meet Megalania:

This massive reptile, which is a relative of the modern day monitor lizard family, spanned across the Australian continent until around 50,000 years ago. Their extinction is attributed to the aboriginals killing them off through hunting and the forest fires they would set off to make hunting even easier. We know from this giant lizards existed on Earth at some point in human history so what’s not to say others did not exist elsewhere? Early humans could have overexaggerate the size and ferocity of these late megafauna, there’s no denying that, but for them to show up so much in folklore all over the Earth, its safe to say they at some point existed, and what about serpents? Considering we barely know what even exists in our oceans who is to say there isn’t large scale aquatic serpent-esc creatures down there?


Giants were/are a subspecies of humanity that I’m certain were more prevalent during our early history. Very tall humans such as Robert Wadlow have existed in very recent times so I don’t know why we deny such a people existing. Much like the Neanderthal they were overpowered by the homo sapien and as of today most probably no longer exist, but we can’t deny they might have procreated with homo sapiens which could explain the very large and tall people we see in modern times.

Robert Wadlow (1918-1940)

Another contributing factor to giants dying off is health factors: giantism is usually attributed to health problems, hence many struggle to live long lives with such a body mass, so its not ridiculous to think many died off due to these undesirable traits also.

As for giants in world religion and mythology, they can be found in the Abrahamic faiths, Hinduism, Jainism, and can be found in the myths of the Norse, Armenians, Romans, Native Americans, Greek, Bulgarians, Batics, and Basque peoples. Like dragons, their behaviors differs depending on where you go, being kind leaders to destructive killers. But what is undeniable is their prevalence and influence on our religions and cultures worldwide.

To those who don’t want to watch the video, essentially around the world giant skeletons have been found yet these discoveries have been covered up and dismissed by the scientific community at large over the last hundred years, potentially due to being ran by people who do not want to validate the ancient tales and scriptures of the past that documented such peoples existing. The Smithsonian Institution was notorious for this during the early 20th century and despite their efforts evidence still exists of finding these skeletons they made so many efforts to hide.

This article didn’t really have a proper closing statement in the original posting but I’m leaving it in it’s original state because I want to.

Originally posted by Khastle on the Mariana Bay Forum on 15/7/2023 (

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This is a cool way to highlight forum posts while mixing in your own thoughts and opinions. Thanks for sharing.