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Welcome to the first opinion piece on this newly sprung site. Wanted to start things off with a bang and I thought this would be a fun little piece to write that hopefully suits most people’s palettes, and that’s discussing the downfall, or well, the true colours emerging of a well-known and now despised YouTuber called Idubbbz. Anyone who grew up with 2010s YouTube knows exactly who this man is and what he stood for as he was brash, unrelenting, and a supposed defender of free speech and expression on the net. He was the online Batman that was signaled when another YouTuber acted out of line and needed a rightful beatdown, so how could a man so reverred became what he would have mocked back in the mid 2010s? Today in this article we go into just that!

Humble Beginnings

iDubbbz first properly gained a name for himself on the YouTube scene in 2013 with his series called Kickstarter Crap. When the series first started Kickstarter was notorious for being a site swamped with con men making huge promises for extravagant products which they would eventually never deliver on, usually because, shockingly, they just wanted the money (or it was made by a dumb kid who didn’t know how to create the product in question). Idubbbz took it upon himself to expose these frauds and he was damn good at it, and funny too.

He would soon start another series called Bad Unboxing where fans of the channel would send him stuff to, well, unbox, and he would react to them. Usually the items sent were crude, strange, or sometimes just downright offensive but rarely he would get a genuine gift through the mail. It was a fun series to watch as he made an genuine effort to unbox whatever he could that was sent his way, within reason of course, but due to this series being released on early to mid 2010s YouTube which was way more lax on it’s TOS he did manage to get away with a lot. But what really cemented his channel in the public’s eye was his series Content Cop.

Content Cop

Content Cop was iDubbbz’s magnum opus. In the series iDubbbz went after YouTubers with big egos and bad behaviour, putting them in their place for the sake of the YouTube community. He took on the likes of Jake Paul, Leafy, The Fine Bros, Keemstar, and many others, shooting iDubbbz into the spotlight as at the time these were highly detested people within the online space and people wanted someone to knock the chip off their shoulder, which iDubbbz did just that.

This was a time before cringey pngtubers controlled the commentary space also so these were actually warranted callouts, not the callouts you see now which happen because someone did a heckin transphobirino on Twitter; to give a good example of what I mean is the Tana Mongeau situation, a content creator who was known to be a hypocrite and overblow her stories to a point where to prove it iDubbbz went to one of her meetups and said the N word on video when posing with her. To understand why he did this it was to shove in her face that her shit stinks too as not only does she make her stories sound ridiculous, which iDubbbz proved in his response video to her video claiming he harmfully harassed her in person, but she was also known for trying to cancel people for racist stuff they may have said in the past when her herself had done it likewise. All in all, this drama led to this iconic moment that is still remembered by many fondly:

It would be only uphill from here for iDubbbz. He would become a household YouTube name and go onto to collab with FilthyFrank, Maxmoefoe, Anythingforviews, and sometimes Howtobasic, to create some of the most disgusting, degenerate, and goddamn marvelous videos to bless the YouTube platform. Just mentioning the Cake series is enough to make YouTube veterans cringe with a longing for a time where videos like that were acceptable for the platform before the Adpocalypse . So what happened, what caused a man of this repute to eventually become a laughing stock and punching bag of the online community?


Many things can ruin a man: drugs, alcohol, gambling, stupidity, but one that’s not spoke about enough is pussy. Pussy is what brought iDubbbz to his knees and it all started with a woman called Anisa. Now initially no one cared about Ian’s and Anisa relationship, like cool our boy is getting some pussy good for him, but it’s when in March of 2020 when Anisa announced she was opening an OnlyFans that his community was like, “What the fuck, control your bird man that’s pathetic.” So do you think iDubbbz did the thing any respectable man would do and tell his girl, “That’s gross, please don’t do that or we are breaking it off”. Well no, otherwise I would not be writing this article, would I? Instead Ian responds saying he 100% supports his girlfriend in her decision and his fans need to back off, and said he is not a hypocrite as even back in the day he would have been cool with any girlfriend he had pursuing this course of action (lies). Big YouTuber NPC drones rushed in to defend him also but ultimately opinion on the site was very much split with many not caring about Anisa having an Onlyfans while others feeling iDubbbz was embarrassing himself. But one thing for sure is that people began to realise that the iDubbbz they knew was dead and what now existed was the creation of Anisa’s careful grooming of what was all this time a pathetic man.

It would only get worse from here: he would shit on his legacy fans AKA the people who helped him grow in the first place, get clowned on constantly by Sam Hyde who he still cowers in fear of to this day, and create Creator Clash where not only he would ban participants from attending due to petty stuff like squabbles with Anisa’s mum on Twitter (who started shit with Froggy in the first place so how’s that his fault?) to getting beat twice at his own event while his wife looks at him in disgust. Oh and he took his wife’s lastname too lmao.

A beautiful roast of the man himself.

Now, I’m not going to go too much on iDubbbz downfall as there is a million one videos on this subject, but what I’ve been leading up to with this article is from all that’s happened it’s clear that iDubbz was always a man of false principles. He never truly believed in what he preached and you should be alert for these sorts of men, and knock them from their pedestal before they get a chance to climb as eventually they will throw you under the bus when you least expect it. His edgy videos where he acted stupid and fucked around while pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable YouTube content wasn’t because he believed in freedom of expression online but it was because he was angry and didn’t give a fuck. His life clearly wasn’t going where he hoped it would be going, he lacked pussy, and he saw a market for edgy content on YouTube, and thought to himself, “Fuck it, I’ll create that content for those who want it as it will hopefully get me some clout, and then through that I can eventually leave the rutt I’m currently in.” It worked and then when some basic bitch gave him some attention because she wanted to latch onto his status he kicked the foundation which built him for it served it’s use.

iDubbbz’s case is nothing new, you see this loads with disillusioned young men, especially the ones who start adhering to extremist ideologies because the society they are in isn’t serving their needs so they rather see it topple than live in it. They will talk the talk but never walk the walk as once their circumstance gets somewhat better all they believed in gets thrown in the bin and what they really were the whole time is exposed to everyone, which is a spiteful mutant. iDubbbz was never based, he never cared for defending the freedom of speech and expression of the little man, no, he was a frustrated incel that was willing to go to extreme lengths to get his name out there so he could improve his shit life, and then become a dog for the first girl which gave him a bit of attention because he doesn’t even know what a healthy relationship is or how it functions. If iDubbbz never became big on YouTube I have my top dollar on that he would have stuck to his edgy likeness and expressed his anger to the world elsewhere, as he has clearly never been a happy man but at least he would still have some sort of integrity unlike now.


The whole iDubbbz case is a tragic one. It shows the rise and fall of a man we all thought we knew and a warning for people to always be suspicious of these ecelebs and what they actually believe. iDubbbz, all in all, was always a fraud and only showed his true colours when the YouTube landscape changed and it benefited him to take on this more liberal persona. A similar case is that of Ethan Klein who, to no one’s shock, is now really buddy buddy with iDubbbz these days, I guess fake recognizes fake. I want to finish this article with this greentext which really shows how Ian has changed compared to his friends and how bad it looks on his record as it shows while his old friends and foes are doing relatively well to alright for themselves, iDubbbz on the other hand is truly a shadow of his former self.

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